Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Details Emerge About Holiday World's 2015 Project

With the end of Holiday World's "66 Days at Sea" campaign, teasing their newest attraction, coming to an end, a little bit more info has come out regarding their 2015 project.

There's been a ton of speculation around this one over the past couple of months. Everything from a B&M Wing Coaster or Dive Machine to steel/wood hybrid coasters that contain loops, over banked turns and other elements not possible with just wood. It's really anyone's guess but with a $22million dollar price tag on the expansion, it could be just about anything.

However, with that number floating around out there, it's unlikely to be a wing coaster or giga coaster from B&M since they tend to run a wee bit north of that. It does, however, leave the door open for pretty much anything else from any manufacturer though. However, I'm doubtful on the steel/wood hybrid coaster idea here as well, even if something from Gravity Group or Rocky Mountain Coasters would be cool. Why? Simply because they already have one with Voyage and while it doesn't do any of the nifty tricks the newer ones do, it's something I don't see them revisiting with this new project. Additionally, neither would be very "family friendly" at all and cost way under the amount we've been given.

The only clues we have are the vague ones from the 66 Days campaign and possibly a recent blog post from Leah Koch, daughter of Holiday World's Founder, Will Koch. In it she reminisced about a ride that never came to be and her father saying that they'd never build a steel coaster due to it not being "family friendly". In the end though, she said that the new project would see her father's dream become reality but that he'd moved on from the technology in his first idea presented. So, take that however you want to as it could mean just about anything yet again.

Other clues from the past couple of months have included; ‘Upside Down’, ‘One.Big.Thing’, ‘When you find out, you’re gonna flip’, ’truly unique’ and ‘The first of its kind’. Certainly sounds like it's going to be something that's gonna upside down at least, so there is that.

Again, we only now know the price tag of $22million and that it's a "first of it's kind" ride. Holiday World will be making their official announcement on Thursday night, at least we're getting closer to an answer!

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