Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Clues about Six Flags Fiesta Texas' 2015 Plans

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is definitely up to something and recent observations, along with the park's own postings, have only confirmed such. There's also some rumors as to just where this new ride might be going in as well.

Now, I'm not nearly as familiar with the Texas Six Flags parks, so bare with me a little on this one. If there's any info you can give, please let us know in the comments!

So with that said, let's take a look at the newest clues. The first comes in the form of a tweet sent out the park saying that Rockville Reality was having a little big of a snake problem...

Now, the park already has Iron Rattler so the snake bit fits there. However, diving a little more and calling the number in the picture that accompanied that tweet revealed a little more information. As it would turn out, Rockville is getting set for a "renovation and renewel project" and hints at a "thrilling challenge" as well as "making history". 

Not much to go on, but definitely hinting at a new attraction coming to the section of the park. So far it seems like it'll be a thrill ride at least, would imagine that it's going to be a coaster of some kind. However, there are many flat rides that reach the earlier mentioned height of 92.5ft at as well.

It's from here that things get a little more interesting. In another clue, they seem to be hinting at something that dips and dives, also why I believe this is going to be a coaster.

"Dipping and diving". Now, the first thought is a B&M Dive Coaster, but a little further digging makes that a little unlikely, at least in my eyes. B&M has a lot of other projects going on and I just don't know if they've got room for yet another. I mean, this would likely be the 5th or 6th for 2015 they have in the works. Not an unheard of amount for them, but still a lot.

But, that's not all! Oh no, they've been busy and yet another clue surfaced yesterday.

The "OUT OF CONTROL" is interesting and not sure what they're getting at with it, but sounds like a ride that will be a wild one and further cementing my thoughts that this is a coaster in the works. Also, another likely reason for a new location and height for the balloon would be a second drop on a coaster. There's no mention of the new height either, but supposedly they've gone out to measure so only a matter of time on that one.

Now, here's where things get a little more murky. There's another phone number out there in the park to call and this one is located right in front of Iron Rattler. This time it's on the MK Bozer Snake Wrangling truck in the queue for Iron Rattler. The highlights from the message include that they're extremely busy in the Rockville section of town. The renewal project has apparently disturbed a lot of snakes, specifically around the Motorama area, where they've been getting run over constantly.

Additionally, he goes on to say that they just got back from the Goliath project up at Great America and Medusa down at Six Flags Mexico. Both RMC projects, but I'm with Screamscape on this one, it seems more of a misdirection here as it's doubtful they'd add another RMC coaster to the park. Even more so since RMC is quite busy with other projects next year.

From the sounds of it, Motorama is going to get the axe here. There's also been rumor of ride ops in the area telling people that the Hustler tea cup ride will be going as well by the end of the year. So, that leaves us with a rather large area to play with, as you can see on the right there.

Definitely an area big enough for a coaster, but what kind? That's still a mystery. Though, with all of the announcements that have been coming out recently, I'm sure that we won't have to wait too much longer until all the details are revealed to us. Until then, speculate away and as always, what would you like to see added to the park?

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