Thursday, August 21, 2014

Carowinds Announces Fury 325, the World's Tallest and Fastest Traditional Coaster, for 2015!

We've been speculating for a long time now about just what Carowinds has been hinting at and today they finally made their big announcement. This new announcement for 2015 puts the cross-hairs on the park and definitely makes them a major regional park, as if they weren't already.
This morning Carowinds announced the tallest and fastest coaster in the world, Fury 325, as their newest coaster addition!

The new coaster will open in 2015 and feature 325ft tall lift hill, will be 6602 ft long, have an 81 degree first drop, and reach speeds of 95mph over the 3:25 minute ride length. The coaster will turn and bank completely sideways 190 feet in the air in a barrel turn, a 90 degree horseshoe turn, dive underground under a new guest entry bridge, and features an 111ft airtime camel back hill.

The park will be revamped from top to bottom to celebrate Carolina culture including new rides and attractions, signature Carolina food offerings and entertainment. Opening in Spring 2015, Fury 325 will be the centerpiece of a new 8.2 acre main entrance plaza that includes a state–of–the–art ticketing and season pass processing area and expanded guest service facilities.

Here's a look at some of the renderings showing off just what the newest record breaking coaster will look like, including the ride's full layout!

Not enough for ya? Here's the full rendered POV video of what to expect from the newest monster coaster at Carowinds!

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