Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rumor Alert- Kennywood Getting Something New in 2015?

Rumor Alert for Kennywood Park! Could something be in the works for 2015?

 A few weeks ago everyone was sure that in 2015 Kennywood would be 'bringing back' the 'Turnpike' flat ride which was removed to make way for Sky Rocket. When the picture of one of the Tunrpike's Cars surfaced online with the number "15" on it, fans went crazy and one of them nearly blew up on phone in the process.

Image from Screamscape
 While Kennywood did promise to return the Turnpike to the park during it's removal, I'm not sure 2015 will be the year for it.

 Simply because, no work has begun with anything for a new area the size an attraction like 'Turnpike' would need. No woodland has been cleared out, No new walk-ways or work on that very expensive piece of property they had to buy has happened. Simply put, nothing is visible that could hint at the classic rides return.. other then they mystery appearing car.  So, I can't say this is really a good lead.

 However, another rumor has popped up from Screamscape! Rumor has it that a 4D Ride/Movie attraction may show up in the park for 2015. Located in the old arcade building near the "Old Mill/Garfield's Nightmare", The Playdium. I can't admit I'm pleased to hear this, it seems like more of 'Classic Kennywood' is disappearing each season.

...again, this is simply a rumor until confirmed by the park!

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