Friday, August 8, 2014

S&S Worldwide building a 4D, Free-Spinning Coaster.. for an "Unknown" North American Theme Park!

 Now, while I normally don't follow S&S Worldwide very closely, this news is highly interesting.

We've been seeing several plans North American Theme Parks which involve tight or very limited spaces. Spaces which you wouldn't be able to put a full-size traditional roller coaster into. Plus these rumors have been getting plenty of controversy over the idea of putting coasters into those small spaces, with some park fans nearly ready to riot over the idea. With the news that S&S Worldwide has come up with their own version of a 4D-Free Spin coaster, this opens up some possibilities for different parks.

S&S Worldwide is billing their version of the 4D, Free Spinning coaster as more 'family friendly' and as 'a different experience each time you ride'.  Considering what the builders have said about their new ride, gives us some idea of where this could be going. Although we have no idea of height, size or much else of this new style.. it could easily go in many small spaces. 

So far, we've got several parks which are building currently unknown or unconfirmed attractions for the 2015 season: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hershey Park, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Six Flags Over Texas and Silver Dollar City.  Which leaves a LOT of speculation over who might be getting this new version of a 4D roller coaster.

S&S Worldwide expects to install this new coaster by April of 2015. They also state it will be at a "Theme Park" but this depends on the original writers idea what a 'theme park' is. It looks like we'll be waiting for more clues to drop until we find out exactly where this new coaster is going to appear.

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