Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carowinds New Coaster Update: August 6th

Hello peoples!!

Okay so apparently Carowinds has gone all sorts of interesting today and put some weirdness up on their Twitter account, and of course it was while I was working so I missed out on the crazy fun.

So, first up:
13hrs ago there was the weird boxes in a trunk picture and the heading that some deliveries are getting made.

Next up:
12 hrs ago there's the picture of the beekeeper delivering one of these boxes to TheAceTJShow.

I would honestly be a little freaked out by creepy person.

Next was:
So the above photo was the first delivery of the day and next the beekeeper headed to uptown Charlotte to Wilson's World for the next box.

I understand that beekeeper lady is random publicity but still a little freaky.  Anywhos...onward!

So the box was delivered to Wilson's World, which as it turns out is a bar! And we get our first glimpse of the sticker on the boxes.

So Carowinds is letting people know that whatever they are up too "can't be stopped only contained...maybe."  Seriously that bartender is so intrigued, but aren't we all?

So then over the following hours, the last photo was posted 6hrs ago, more boxes were delivered to various news station over the city:

As you can tell from the one photo the mystery boxes contained a butterfly net with a note attached. Unfortunately we really can't see what else is possibly in the box, if anything.

And now on the main page of Carowinds website is this beauty:
Now the background of the photo, and we all agree, looks like honeycombs.  There are rumors out there Carowinds might be naming the coaster after the Charlotte Hornets (seriously where do people come up with this stuff?!) and we are hoping that those rumors are untrue.

Now since all this new stuffs is going on I'm saying it again and again that, unlike others out there, I don't believe that this coaster will be named Centurion.  For two reasons: 1-a gut feeling, I'm just not feeling the name. 2-Nothing that we've seen meets the standard definition of a Centurion.

Okay, so on to your mythology lesson, since we know there is Greco-Roman theming going on around the build site.  What do bees have to do with ancient mythos?  (This took a little work on my part because I'm not familiar with them in myths)  So first off, in ancient Aegean cultures bees were believed to be a bridge to the underworld and do appear in some ancient carvings.  Also, in the Homeric Hymns Apollo was given the gift of prophecy be three bee maidens that are usually identified as the Thriae; the Thriae was a trinity of pre-Hellenic Aegean bee goddesses. 
Gold plagues of the Thriae. I found this through Google!

 So as you, oh smarter reader you, can see I'm still sticking with mythos for this coaster and honestly if that is the road Carowinds is going this is way out there and I LOVE IT!! I hope that there is some personage working on this publicity campaign pulling all this out of the past and making us work for it.  Also, I just wanna be right on one of this clue dropping things for once; +Carrie H.C. and +Kitsune Hazard are just so damn good at them. LOL.

Anywhos I hope everyone out there has a good night and we'll let you know what's going when more clues appear.

Remember: If you're nice to us than we'll be nice to you.  If you couldn't figure out that most of the pics came from Carowinds Twitter, than you're more tired than I am.

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