Friday, August 15, 2014

SeaWorld San Antonio Getting More Improvements as Part of Blue World Project

While SeaWorld was announcing their Blue World project earlier today, they also included some other major upgrades coming to SeaWorld San Antonio specifically. (Check out our full coverage of the announcement here.)

This is definitely some interesting news and it seems that the updates will be bringing the Texas park up to the level of SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego. That said, it definitely feels like more influence is coming from Florida on this one.

So, what can guests expect to see in the future in San Antonio? Not only will the park be getting the massive upgrade to their Orca enclosures and habitats but there's quite a few other changes and modifications coming to the park as well.

An all new Sea lion and Otter show along with a new sea lion habitat is coming as well as a new coastal dolphin habitat and even an all new restaurant will be included in the park's expansion and upgrade plans.

The only information we have so far is the concept art, to the left, that shows what the new sea lion habitat will look like. There's no word on the new show or dolphin habitat as of yet. Some are saying the show could be a version of Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island, however.

As for the dolphin habitat? Both +Carrie H.C. and myself feel that it likely will be similar to the one in Orlando. It would make the most sense and definitely fits the bill of a "coastal habitat", so it's probably a safe bet there. The restaurant is a complete mystery for us, we're not sure if it could be an overhaul to something existing or an entirely new dining experience.

So, while the big news is the Orca habitats getting their major overhaul over the course of the next few years, SeaWorld San Antonio is shaking things up in other areas as well. So stay tuned as more information about all of these projects comes out!

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