Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Silver Dollar City- Fireman's Landing Expansion for 2015

 'Fireman's Landing' is coming to Silver Dollar City, the 2015 Major Expansion.

 About an hour ago Silver Dollar City announced their big project for 2015, a major expansion to the park called 'Fireman's Landing'.

  It will encompass over two acres and will be themed towards an 'Old Time Volunteer Fireman Recruitment Fair'. While many of the attractions appear aimed towards kids, the themeing looking amazing and will add six new family rides as well as four interactive play zones. The park is billing this new area as "For Ages 3 to 93" and will be relocating their drop tower to this new area.

 Silver Dollar City expands more on their theme ideas by stating Fireman's Landing is "An ALL NEW area with rides and attractions for the whole family, Ages 3-93! Fireman's Landing harkens back to the days of bucket brigades and volunteer fireman with rides and attractions ready to train and entertain new recruits". 

The new attractions being added are the following-

1. Fire Spotter- Soaring Balloons for Spotting Fire Dangers
2. Fire Wagon Frenzy- A bumpy ride for Bucket Brigade Volunteers
3. FireFall- An 8 Story Fire Tower free-fall drop ride for the more daring recruits! (The parks current drop-tower is being relocated to this new area)

For the "Interactive" Areas, this is being called "Fire Station No. 3 Playplace" where guests can meet the park's newest Dalmatian 'recruit' and 'sign in' for three training activities!

4. Firefighter's Fire Drill- Featuring Buckets, Pumpers, Foam Ball Cannons and Targets for showering mock fires.
5. Firefighter's Fire Escape- An obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides.
6. Firefighter's Junior Escape- A soft 'play area' for Toddlers

 In addition the next attractions are aimed at the smallest members of the family, completing the family experience of the area.

7. Fireman's Flyer- A low flying swing ride for little firefighters.
8. Up The Ladder- A smaller drop tower for your junior recruits.
9. The Roundaboat- A bouncing ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydrant.
10. Firehouse Splash Yard- Squirting Water Jets and Pump Hoses.

 The park goes on to close their big announcement with some history and how their tying in their whole 'Firefighter' theme into the park.
 Overall the new expansion looked to be well themed, well thought out and filling the need every theme parks has to entertain and provide enjoyment to the whole family. Including areas of family, kids and even toddlers who visit the park.  While there isn't an official opening date yet, the park states the area will be ready in 'Spring of 2015'.

 For more information, you can visit the website for Fireman's Landing- Just Click Here! 

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