Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rumor Alert- Universal Studios Orlando May Remove Attractions in 2015

 Rumor Alert- Universal Studios Orlando May Remove Two Attractions in 2015!

  While this is rumor only many are believing the final park of Universl Studios Orlando's 'face-lift' may be coming to pass.

   Rumor has it that "Woody Woodpeckers KidZone' may be removed and completely re-themed.  This area has been a sore spot with many fans of the parks who've hoped in the past that great things would move into the sad kids area. Some believed that DreamWorks would take over the area while others yet wanted more 'Universal' themed characters involved.  Well, the rumor is going about that in the next year or two the area will be closed and bulldozed, making room for new construction. 

 In additional rumor news- Twister. 
 Yes, rumor has it that Twister may finally be removed. According to a source from OTPN "As soon as Early 2015 for closure".  This attraction never went over as a fan favorite when it removed the much lamented 'GhostBusters' show, now it looks like Universal Studios may finally be listening and replacing the attraction with something new! 

 More details when and if they become available!

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