Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Testing with Employees

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Finally Testing, with Employees!

 Good News for fans of Busch Gardens Tampa and Drop Towers!

 It appears from reports from BGTFans that 'Falcon's Fury' is finally doing some employee testing. While right now the testing appears to only involve senior park members and not the general staff but this could be a good sign that the drop tower may finally have it's issues sorted out.

 The ride still has no official opening date, just an estimation, but the park did tell BGTFans “We are ride testing with specific safety and operations team members, but we do not have any updates on when park employees, or the general public, will be able to ride.”. Which we can hope is good news and may allow the park to open the ride before the current estimated "Late Summer 2014". 

 Stay Tuned for more updates!

(Top Image also from BGTFans)

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