Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Freestyle Music Park- Rides Sold and Removal

 Rides Sold and Removed from Defunct 'Freestlye Music Park'.

 While rides have been being removed slowly over the recent months from the defunct 'Freestlye Music Park' (which was the failed 'Hard Rock Park') we're still unsure as to the location of the buyer.

Image from Myrtle Beach Online
 Speculation exists that an unknown amusement park in Vietnam has purchsed most of the flat rides as well as the roller coasters. As of the last week, the roller coaster "The Eagles- Life in the Fast Lane" has been partly removed. Cranes litter the park, track pieces and ride cars are stacked up the parking lot area awaiting shipping.

 Ital International who is handling the sale and removal of the rides also stated the rides are moving to Vietnam. The listing for the rides on Ital's website have also disappeared within recent days. 

 A sad ending for a park that never really got a chance to live.

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