Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hershey Park Announces Laff Trakk - First Indoor Spinning Glow Coaster!

Looks like our earlier hunch of an indoor spinning coaster was correct. After weeks of teasing, Hersheypark finally announced that the world's first indoor spinning glow coaster, Laff Trakk, will be coming to the park in 2015!

Built by German coaster manufacturer, Maurer & Söhne, the ride will honor the long and storied fun house history at Hersheypark. The ride cars will hold four riders in a back to back configuration and will be a true 360 degree experience as they spin their way through the madness.

The coaster itself will reach speeds of up to 45mph on the first drop and is being touted as a great family coaster by Maurer & Söhne. How so? The spinning motion is being described as "gentle" and not to severe like other spinning coasters out there.

Laff Trakk will be the 13th coaster for Hersheypark and is set to open in May of 2015 in the park's Midway America section.

Curious of what it'll look like? Here's the animation POV straight from Hersheypark!

For those curious of what it could actually feel like to ride Laff Trakk, check out Maurer & Söhne's Winjas at Phantasialand below!

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