Monday, August 11, 2014

Carowinds- New Coaster Goof, Centurion is Happening!

Carowinds Goofs! 'Centurion' Revealed Early!

 Today in a BIG goof, Carowinds Park has inadvertently revealed the new coaster for 2015.

 The name, which has been up in the air with many mismatched clues being thrown in with recent weeks, is obviously going to be "Centurion" with the tag-line "The 8th Wonder of the World. The 'Big Reveal' is suppose to happen in 9 days, on August 21st and if you do the math, it will be held at 9am.

 While we know most of the basic stats of the new hyper coaster due to the blueprints being leaked. The theme and name has been up in the air for a while with Cedar Fair having trademarked several names which could fit.  With the goof reveal, we now know the name and logo for the newest mega coaster coming to Carowinds Park in 2015!

 In addition, the website has "Hac risus enim turpis elit. In sit penatibus" written in Latin, which we suspect is a hidden lorem ipsum (meaning, babble). You can also view the site, provided it doesnt disappear now that we've all found it, at

 More information as it become available!

Special Thanks to +Clint J Gamache of +Thrillgeek for spotting/finding this one!

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