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Could a B&M Flying Coaster be Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

More clues have been coming out of Six Flags Fiesta Texas about their 2015 project in the past week or so. We now have confirmation that Motorama will be closing down for good soon too and we're pretty sure that Hustler is going as well.

Recently the messages at the phone numbers for Rockville Reality have changed a little bit and it's definitely sounding like something big is on the way. Additionally, new heights have been mentioned by the park in regards to their huge 2015 balloon that's been seen in the park the past few weeks.

From the sounds of things, it looks like a flying coaster is coming. So, let's get down to unraveling a few things here and seeing just where the clues lead us to, shall we? First up is the new message from Rockville Reality. In it we find the opening has changed to include a mention of "flipping", so something that loops is definitely coming at least.

Now, also in the message is the something that was pointed out by one of our readers. The words "Boring" and "Mundane" have been somewhat emphasized. Normally this wouldn't mean much of anything but considering they start with initials of Bolliger & Mabillard, it's a little more significant here.

So, where do we get the flying? Well this tweet sent out by the park mentions it in all caps, so that's gotta have something to do with things. So far we've had "dropping and diving" and "OUT OF CONTROL" and now "FLYING".

Now we've also got a new height to deal with as well. The first was 92.5ft and now this one is 106ft. I would imagine that we're seeing heights of different elements for the new ride. If it is a B&M flying coaster, it could be largest Six Flags has built yet. That of course depends on if the 106ft height is for the lift hill and not something else. Granted, if any element is 106ft and it's not the lift hill, it still would be the largest since it'd need a very strong start...unless of course they go crazy and try a launched flying coaster.

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Another option would be for something like Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the only non-B&M with that name. Built by Premier rides, it would be the largest of it's kinda as well and possibly suitable for the park. I'm not 100% on that though due its low capacity, maybe though, who knows.

Interestingly enough, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is also rumored to be getting one of these as well. However, I'm a little skeptical and definitely could be reaching with this for Fiesta Texas, mostly since it really wouldn't be a "first" or "making history".

Okay, that leaves us back to B&M and a flying coaster. World's longest, tallest, most inversions? All possible and the location in the park does seem to be big enough for one. However, there's still another way this could all go.

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Just earlier we got word that S&S was working on something completely new for a park in 2015. A 4th Dimension coaster that unlike X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain won't be constrained in how the seats flip, instead they would be 100% free. Since the seats of the train are on the outside of the track it is similar to that of a B&M Wingrider and gives a sensation of flight. See where I'm going with this yet?

No other details are known, but it's curious they'd come out with the info close to so many parks getting ready to announce this month.

Now, there's no indication that the S&S coaster will be going in at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but we can't rule it out either. It'd be a history making coaster and since we don't know the height or anything, the ones from Six Flags could very well be for this ride. Though, since the S&S creation only has a reported top speed of 38mph, I'm kinda doubting it's inclusion here but can't rule it out entirely either.

Finally one of the last clues from Fiesta Texas on Twitter includes a date. August 10th to be exact.

The picture? Well, a folded up piece of paper "Rockville -Urban Renewel- and a date, August 10th. So either that's when we'll be hearing about what's coming for this new project or when things really start to ramp up construction wise. This is a little confusing though as I've heard that an announcement won't be made until the 25th as well, so take that for what it's worth.

One way or another we'll know for sure what's going on either in the next couple of days in a few weeks. Until then, let the speculation and rumors run rampant for whatever is going on down at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Keep it here as more clues are bound to come out, or the full announcement. Either way, it's gonna get interesting so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook for all the news out of Six Flags Fiesta Texas and everyone else that's building in 2015!

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