Thursday, August 28, 2014

Six Flags Announces Identical Flat Rides for Great Adventure, Georgia, Discovery Kingdom and America

Along with the announcement of far more interesting things this morning, the folks at Six Flags announced that 4 "new coasters" would be coming to their parks in 2015 as well.

Six Flags Great Adventure, America, Discovery Kingdom and Over Georgia will be getting the clones for 2015 and while they're labeled as "roller coasters" they're not. Not even the largest, pretty much stock and not that uncommon out there at all. Bad Six Flags, bad!

Anyway, what goes where from the image up there? Here's the little run down:
  • Six Flags Great Adventure - Looping Dragon
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - DareDevil: Chaos Coaster
  • Six Flags America - Bourbon Street Fireball
  • Six Flags Over Georgia - The Joker: Chaos Coaster
Interestingly enough, Six Flags Over Georgia is also adding a Harley Quinn themed tilt-a-whirl named Harley Quinn: Spinsanity. Okay, so not really that interesting, but there it is.

That said, all of these are not coasters, so don't be fooled by the Six Flags marketing machine. These Larson Loops are typically found at carnivals and county/state fairs throughout the US and elsewhere. They are fully powered and there's really no "coasting" going on with them. How they're passing these things off as new coasters is a bit of a mystery and a huge disservice to park guests. Six Flags, just stop, they're flat rides. Get over it.

Anyway, here's video of one of the new rides. They're all the same so it'll give you enough of an idea of what's going on with each:

Stay tuned for more updates from the rest of the Six Flags parks as more announcements have been released about projects for 2015 at every park!

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