Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canada's Wonderland- SkyRider has Sold!

 Canada's Wonderland- SkyRider has Sold.. but to an unknown buyer!

 That's right folks, the Togo Stand-up Coaster at Canada's Wonderland, know as 'SkyRider' has sold.

 The popular Amusement Rides website ITAL was in charge of selling the ride, which has been listed for only a few weeks. About the same time Canada's Wonderland announced they would be removing the 1985 attraction from the park, making room for something new (not a waterpark expansion!).

 Well today it was spotted that SkyRider is listed as SOLD. However, no one has announced the purchase of the coaster nor the addition of it. So as of right now, the buyer is unknown but it seems likely to be an over-seas park, not a domestic US park was the buyer.

 More info when we find out!

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