Friday, September 12, 2014

Carowinds: Fury 325 Update [Sept. 12]

Hello peoples!!!

Track for Fury325 had arrived at Carowinds!! I have to say that while the symbol (the hornet thing) is not high on my favorites list the color of the track is pretty.  

So the world's tallest, fastest giga coaster will stand 325 feet tall with a drop at an 81-degree angle. 

Also, going on at Carowinds is that they opened their new toll plazas!  Now, I've never been to Carowinds (although we hope to get there next year for the opening!!) but I have to say that the new toll plaza looks all sorts of shiny.

The toll plaza under construction
Putting the final touch on the new plaza, THE SIGN

The new sign!!!

The view of the toll plaza as people drive up.

So that's the new stuff out of Carowinds for right now.  Once I've got more information and/or photos I'll make sure yinz see them :)

I hope everyone has a great night!!

As always: be nice to us and we'll be nice to you. 

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