Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cedar Point- Mantis Being "Squashed".

Cedar Point- Breaking News, 'Mantis' Coaster at Cedar Point Being "Squashed"?!

Well, looks like rumors from Cedar Point might be true.

In a surprise announcement, Cedar Point stated that the Stand-Up Roller Coaster 'Mantis' will be 'squashed' in 2015. Now, no one is sure what exactly this means. Will the ride be entirely removed for the park or will is be receiving new trails, turning the ride into a 'floorless' roller coaster?
Some speculation also exists that the ride could be entirely re-named for a bet Cedar Point made to LeBron James, stating if he came back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they would rename a roller coaster for him. 

Your last chance to ride Mantis will be October 19th, 2014.

There is still no word about the much rumored 'Dark Ride' which others believe the park has been hinting at for years.

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