Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Canada's Wonderland- Wonder Mountain's Guardian goes to the Zombies!

Canada's Wonderland gives 'Wonder Mountain's Guardian' over to the Zombies!

 Confirmed today by Canada's Wonderland, the beauty of their new 4D attraction, Wonder Mountian's Guardian, is showing up for Halloween Haunt!

 For the Halloween Season at Canada's Wonderland the popular dark ride, Wonder Mountain's Guardian, will be changing format. Moving the ride into an interactive 4D dark ride featuring everyone's favorite video game past-time, killing zombies!  The park has been bragging that this will likely be a season thing, with the ride changing 'versions' as often as needed to keep it fresh and attractive to guests.

 We're just seeing the opening shot, so to speak!
 You can read more about "Zombies!" by visiting the website- Canada's Wonderland 
 You can also check out all the details and events for Halloween Haunt by checking- Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland

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