Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Epcot's 'Norway' May be Safe.. for now.

 Epcot's "Norway" May be Safe.. for now.

 For several months now we've been reporting rumors that Walt Disney World has been considering changing Epcot Centers "Norway" area to something with a 'Frozen' theme based off the hit movie as well as the countries reluctance to pay $9 million for updates to the land and ride found within.

In-case you missed these
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 For the last few days, Disney has been hinting at a 'Big Announcement' coming at the end of their "The Making of Frozen" special which aired last night ABC Family. This had whipped the speculation wagon into a full gallop with many believing we'd finally learn the fate of Disney's Norway and Maelstorm.

 Well, we can take a relaxed breath, for now. The only annoucement found at the end of "The Making of Fozen" involved the movie getting a new 'movie shot' and not a peep about the World Showcase country. While this may be good news, I hesitate still to accept it as gospel. It could be that Norway is just getting the massive refurbishment the ride Maelstorm and the country overall has needed for years.. or it could mean something else.

 Frankly, I don't know. Speculation exists on both sides of the argument with fans of the movie crying for a Frozen-Norway make-over while fans of Epcot and World Showcase scream that it doesn't belong. Personally, I stand firmly with the Epcot/World Showcase folks.

 We'll simply have to wait and see what the next hints from Disney and rumors mill involve.

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