Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Status Update- Haunt Season is Coming!

Status Update, Haunt Season is Coming!

 Well Folks, it appears the Amusement Park and Theme Park Announcements are finally completed for the summer. Which means it's getting into one of our favorite times of the year..

Haunt Season! 

Yes, Haunt Season is coming and we've been paying attention! With News and Reports gore-lore to fill up your need for all things spooky and scary. Coming soon you'll get big event coverage as well as our reviews of as many haunted attractions as we can manage.

Remember, we'll be using the hashtag #HT2014 this season. You can tag us or follow along with our crazy adventures through the land of haunted attractions.You can also check out last seasons reviews to help you plan your own Halloween Haunted House schedules- Haunt Reviews.

In the next week or so we should have a rough schedule together of what Haunted Events and Attractions we'll be reviewing this season, so stay turned, decorate your house and rejoice!

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