Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov. 22: Fury 325 update

Hello peoples!!!

On this freezing cold Pittsburgh Saturday morning (seriously it's 28*F with freezing rain!) Carowinds has given us nine new construction pictures.

These pictures show us the color scheme, the bright blue and green, and there is a station picture included as well.

The photos also show the first drop of the ride as it begins to take shape. Plus apparently there is a 140 tons of counterweight on the back of the largest crane used to build the lift hill; I thought that  was some cool information that I pulled off of their Facebook page.

So onward to the photo binge!!!

To be honest, I'm not sure about the colors. I like the blue but that is my favorite color and the bright neon green is bothering me. Maybe it's the transitioning in the pictures and in real life it'll look so much better. But right now I'm not a fan of the bright green. That's just my thoughts, what are you guys thinking? Let me know.

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