Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twisted Colossus Trains Unveiled and Construction Update!

The folks over at Rocky Mountain Construction have been doing quite a bit of work the past few months on Six Flags Magic Mountain's revamp of Colossus. Despite the challenge of dealing with the fire that occurred a couple of months ago on the lift hill, it seems that things are going quite well for the crew out in Southern California.

For more info about the ride, including the animated POV and other goodies, check out our coverage of the announcement back in August.

Not only that, but during this year's IAAPA event in Orlando, they unveiled the trains for Twisted Colossus as well! So, first up, here's a look at the brand new trains that will take riders through this all new steel and wood wonderland.

Now, for the construction pics!

Definitely looking good so far and can't wait to see some of the more extreme elements take shape. Sure, it's still sad that the classic will be gone, but going to be interesting to see just how this turns out and look forward to riding it in the future all the same!

Photos via Rocky Mountain Construction

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