Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Islands of Adventure- Skull Island/Kong 360 Construction Update

Image from Jake's Adventures
 Well Folks, Construction at Islands of Adventure has been getting crazy lately.

 Kong 360/Skull Island has gone vertical in a big way, the building is massive! It looks almost like some of the multi-level designs which we saw during the construction of Transformers over at Universal Studios.

 While there is still no official announcement from Universal Orlando on just what this new attraction will be, it's getting easier to guess. From the size and shape of the building, we're surely looking at King Kong 360 if some of the outside 'decorations' which are starting to take shape. They seem to match exactly those found out in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Image from Jake's Adventures
 Either way, it's nice to things moving along so quickly.Exterior Walls are going up and inside construction appears to be moving at a steady pace.

 Hopefully we'll all be hearing some kind of announcement from Universal Orlando here in the next coming weeks!

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