Friday, December 19, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa- Gwazi Closing, Official Announcement

 Gwazi Closing for Good, Says Busch Gardens Tampa.

 Honestly, I'm not even the smallest bit surprised when I woke up to read this news. Gwazi has been a long-standing issue for Busch Gardens Tampa in recent years.

 Now, I could go into detail but I'm sure you've all read my opinions on the matter before, so I won't bore you with a litany of complaints in regards to theme parks not up-keeping their attractions. If you do want to know- Please see "This Link About Gwazi".

 Sunday, February 1st will be the final day and Gwazi will close for good. A sad ending for what was once the pride of Busch Gardens Tampa and an amazing roller coaster. The parks are citing 'budget cuts' which is likely true but at the same time this leads back to the checkered history of maintenance on the wooden coaster as well as an endless series of constant upkeep to maintain a wooden roller coaster in the environment of Central Florida.

 The proof for this lays in the fact Busch Gardens Tampa will not be demolishing the ride anytime soon. While no reason has been given for this, it's likely due to not having anything to fill the space in addition to the cited budget cuts. While the parks may be going through rough times right now, I doubt they have any hope of somehow saving this ride (not with how little they've done to keep it running in recent years). It's simply the final death blow for a coaster which has been unwanted since the Busch Family sold the parks.

 It's a sad day, what was once the show piece of a theme park is falling into a silent wooden shadow.

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