Friday, December 19, 2014

Thunderbird Watch: First Train Car Arrives

Well, it wasn't enough that the track was completed just about three weeks early but now the folks over at Holiday World have gotten another little Christmas present. This time, the first car of the trains for Thunderbird.

Delivered just a few days ago, they didn't waste any time getting it on the track either. At this point, it's looking like they're well ahead of schedule to get things going and that's never a bad thing to see!

Those who have ridden GateKeeper, X-Flight or Wild Eagle in the US, then you've likely encountered the trains before as they're pretty much uniform, outside of the paint jobs and a couple other artistic bits, across the board for B&M's wing coasters. If you haven't, well, it's an interesting thing to experience.

Anyway, there's a shot of the car being lifted into place from the Holiday World Facebook Page. If you're curious as to why theirs no track under it, that's because there are small wheels that help to support the train, much like B&M's trains on Griffon and Sheikra. Definitely a little weird to wrap your head around, but somehow they support the massive weight and pretty awesome to think how that can even happen.

Here's the video of them lifting it in place and you can see the wheel thing in it pretty clearly too, pretty cool stuff.

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