Tuesday, January 13, 2015

B&M Dive Machine Coming to Cedar Point in 2016?

Well, it would appear that the rumors are circulating something fierce on this one thanks to a memo that was leaked/uncovered by the Sandusky Register. It would appear that a communication from the famed Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) coaster design firm is firmly hinting at a new coaster coming to Cedar Point in 2016.

So, just what is in the uncovered document? Well, it would seem like one of the design firm's dive machines will be coming to the park. At a price tag of around $15mil, it does seem like a likely fit and the park already has a healthy stable of coasters from B&M, as do many Cedar Fair parks around North America.

One of the things that makes this rumor a little more concrete is that the area the park has currently marked for redevelopment isn't that large. By design, most dive machines are compact in nature thanks to steep lift hills and their typical 90 degree first drops, allowing for a much smaller space to be utilized by them.

Given the fact that demolition has started on the Good Time Theater, the area around it could be a good fit. This is in spite of a couple of other rides in the area. I'm sure that they could work around them if they wanted or possibly go in other directions with the layout as well.

Interestingly enough, the proposed ride from B&M also included specs as well. According to the report, the coaster would feature a height of 223 feet with a total length of 3,625 feet and a top speed of 80 mph.  The ride will feature several elements including a vertical drop in a tunnel, an Immelmann, a 270-degree roll, a banked curve, a “looping,” an Immelmann with a half-roll exit, a second drop, a camel back and a spiral with a total of four inversions.

If those stats are anything to be believed, it would not only make it the tallest and longest coaster of its type in the world, but also with the most inversions and tallest. The tallest currently, Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Griffon at 205'. The only other coaster of its kind in the United States is Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa.  Curious what it's like to ride one of these beasts? Got ya covered from our ride on Griffon earlier in 2014.

Now, this is only one proposal the park is looking at for 2016, and we won't know for sure if this is exactly what's coming, but it would make sense if they wanted to get another record breaker for the Cedar Fair family of parks.

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