Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th: Fury325 update

Hello peoples!!!!

I hope that everyone is having a good evening or a good day depending on where you live.  So this evening I've got two new photos for your enjoyment.

So here is just a random photo of some of the Fury325 steel being fabricated at the factory:

Found this on Carowinds's Twitter
Yes, I made this photo bigger but I think it's neat to see the track being worked on.

Now on to the awesome picture...THE TRAINS HAVE ARRIVED!!! or at least one of them, lol

This was taken from Carowinds's Facebook page
So I'm still not a fan of the lime green, but I do like the pattern on the car. Obviously they're following their own pattern with the three stripes that make up the wings and the stinger down the center. To be honest I feel like the front is too dull, they make the track and color scheme bright and shiny but the car is just gray/silver.

But that is just my thoughts on things, what does everyone else think?

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