Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dynamic Attractions' SFX Coaster Headed to Ferrari World

A while back, Dynamic Attractions was rumored to be working on a very strange and bizarre coaster design. One that incorporated all kinds of different elements, special effects, massive video displays and all manner of other weirdness. For the longest time, many people thought this was going to be the basis for what was to come at Universal Orlando's for Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

However, that did not happen and for a very long time, many were speculating just where this oddball of a coaster would turn up.

Looks like we now have the answer to that question as the crazy brains behind it at Dynamic Attractions not only teased the coaster design at IAAPA in Orlando, but also announced that Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi would be the first location to feature it. 

I really don't know what to think of this thing as it makes almost sense and there are so many elements and things going on that it can make your head spin. Though, I suppose that's the point of it. The folks over at Vertical Horizons have gotten their hands on some construction photos, as well as what appears to be the layout of the track.

As you can see by the layout, there's a lot of strange going on. Somewhere in there screens of some kind will be integrated I would imagine. Where within the mess of things is anyone's guess. You can also notice the two sections on the layout where it would appear that the track just ends. This is speculated to be some kind of "trick track" or something where the ride either drops or changes direction in some manner. Not entirely sure to be honest. Additionally, there's also what appears to be at least two inversions along with several near 90 degree or even over banked curves in there as well.

Whatever it is, definitely going to be an interesting one, so let's see what the track looks like real quick. Which, is also a bit strange to look at it...

This one is definitely an odd one, and while it's unlikely we'll get over to ride this one first hand for a while, we'll still be keeping an eye out on the developments as they come! Stay tuned for more info out of Ferrari World and everywhere else that's building for 2015 right here or follow us on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook for all the latest!

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