Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Track Pieces Arrive at Knoebels' for their Newest Coaster: Impulse

Adding to the mayhem of coaster construction, Pennsylvania's very own Knoebels! Last year, Knoebels announced their first all steel coaster in quite a while, Impulse, that will be debuting in just a few months.

While there has been plenty of site preparation and other work going on at the small Central Pennsylvania park, today marked the arrival of the first sections of coaster track! Now the real fun begins.

Built by Zieir, the newest coaster to the Knoebels landscape will feature a vertical lift hill and a 90 degree vertical drop down the other side and reach speeds of more than 55mph. For more on all the details, check out our coverage of the announcement.

Now, let's get down to the pictures that were sent on Twitter by the park. Not only do we have a couple from the grand unboxing of Knoebels' newest toy, but also a few other shots of the site being prepped as well!

And now for a few older pictures, taken back in mid-December, from the park as they prepped the land where Impulse will be calling home.

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