Thursday, January 8, 2015

Efteling's Baron 1898 Dive Coaster Construction Update

It occurred to me while I was about to start on this update that we hadn't covered this ride at all from it's announcement through now. Sure, there was some speculation quite awhile ago when we were still figuring out where all the track at B&M's fabrication plant in the state of Ohio was going, but the announcement for this one came and went.

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Good news is, that according to, track for the new coaster has appeared on the lot and should soon be making its way across the pond. Either way, we missed it, so now to make up for lost time because that concept art is just way too awesome not to talk about.

I'm not a huge steampunk aficionado, but that design is probably one of these coolest and well thought out stations and opening lifts for a coaster I've seen out there. Really, if it even looks remotely close, just viewing this one from a distance is gonna be pretty awesome. Judging by the videos below, it seems they're going to nail this one too.

Anyway, Baron 1989 was announced way back in October so we're a little late. Let's get back up to speed some here. This dive machine, built by famed Bolliger-Mabillard, will feature a 37.5m (127ft) vertical drop down into a mine shaft element. Seating on the trains will be arranged six across, similar to Krake at Heide Park. Other than that? Not a clue. So far the folks at Efteling have been mum on the other elements that ride will include.

image of Witte Wieven via Wikipedia
However, we do have a bit of back story for the ride, which is definitely interesting. Riders will "play the part" of miners that work for, Gustave Hooghmoed, the greedy and vile owner of the mine. Why are you there? Well it seems that Gustave has a little problem with Witte Wieven, the ghostly "Wise Women" of Dutch Mythology. They've sent warning to the workers and Gustave that they should not take gold from the caverns of the mine.

Turns out the works ran away scared, and likely for good reason. However, you're in luck, and have now been volunteered to go down there.

That's really all that's known about the ride. However, the park has released a few behind the scenes "making of" videos recently as well. These describe quite a bit of the influences, challenges and other things that have gone into the ride as a whole so far. It's really quite interesting and for those that need them, there are subtitles. So, let's get things rolling with the first three episodes below.

Really awesome stuff going on here and we'll definitely be keeping an eye out to see how all of these details and elements come together. Looks like they're doing everything right for this one and it's going to be one helluva thing to see once completed.

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