Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8th: Fury325 update

Hello peoples!!!!

I know it's been a bit since I've done an update but I wanted to wait until there were a bunch of pictures to share with everyone to make this enjoyable for all.

So to skip with the pleasantries and onto the fun!!!

Travel Channel reporters walking on the hill for a special that air's next summer
Another photo of the Travel Channel film crew

The finished track for the bit that goes through the underground tunnel.
Photo of the completed horseshoe turn
Another photo for the horseshoe turn
Even at this point track is still arriving. It's that long of a coaster.
Another view of the coaster
Video from Bob Ashbury's YouTube page showing footage from the air of Fury325.

How's that for an update??!!! Even included a vid.  I hope that this takes care of your Fury fix until the next update.  I hope everyone out there had great holiday celebrations and is having a safe winter, especially considering its a lovely high of 0 here in PA.
As always: If you're nice to us than we'll be nice to you. You can find us in the usual places, just go to the "Where to Follow" tab on the home page and follow!!!

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