Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here We Go Again, Cedar Point Teasing Something for 2016?

Well, the folks over at Cedar Point are hinting at something coming in the near future and that's most likely to be 2016. Now, who knows what could be coming with this, since the last time they went on a teasing spree it turned out to be a paint job and different train set up for Mantis, turning it into Rougarou for this year. Not exactly worth the hype they gave it, but that's just me.

via Cedar Point, VP/General Manager Jason McClure
Now, many were speculating that last summer's campaign was pointing to a new ride, and while that didn't pan out, this year it's looking like that's more of a possibility. Why do I say that? Well, mostly due to the fact that they've started demolition of the Good Time Theater, as seen by the picture on the right here.

Why remove something of that size unless something was going to take it's place? Of course, it could just be a new theater/entertainment venue as well that's coming since the park wouldn't have one.

However, Tony Clark, Cedar Point's Head of Communication, has been at it again with the tweet below and points out that it's a whole lot of space. He's correct, that it is and would be a great spot for a new ride of some kind or coaster. Could it be the long awaited dark ride that fans have been hoping for, maybe a new coaster? No clue on that one just yet at all. The need could sway in either direction pretty easily, as well as not swing at all and just be the aforementioned entertainment space too.

So, there ya have it. Not much is known other than something is coming and the demolition of Good Time Theater is under way. We'll be keeping our eye out on this one so stick around for all the updates, speculation and other weirdness that is sure to follow.

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