Saturday, January 3, 2015

Construction on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Newest Coaster Continues

Well, construction is moving ahead more and more with each day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Their newest coaster still hasn't been announced by the park, but it's definitely impossible to hide that something is coming.

We've known for quite a while just what the newest addition to the park will look like and be, so it's a little weird they haven't announced anything by now.

That said, thanks to a ton of folks out there, there's a whole slew of video and construction of what is to believed as either Tempesto or Diavolo. First up, a little video look from the folks at In The Loop.

It really is hard to figure out why the park hasn't said anything as it's painfully obvious they're building something and it was extremely easy to see during their Christmas Town event. Who exactly do they think they're going to surprise with this?

Anyway, now onto a few photos from the awesome folks over at You can check out more on their site and forums right here too.

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