Thursday, March 19, 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Leaks Tempesto Info!

Well, it's not exactly news that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been building a new roller coaster for 2015. It's finished and sitting there visible to just about anyone that drives by. The name has also been pretty much a known thing as well, with only a little doubt that it would be in fact, Tempesto.

However, earlier today there was a goof on the Busch Gardens Williamsburg website where the info was posted up to the live site. Along with it came a bunch of other information regarding just what folks can expect from their newest coaster as well.

Speaking of that, Tempesto will feature three different launch elements, as well as reach speeds of 63mph as it takes riders through their daredevil run. The highlight? A "high speed inversion" at 154ft in the air. Also mentioned is a "high speed station experience", which is just talk for a station fly through.

As for the proof? Well here ya go, taken straight from the Busch Gardens Williamsburg website...before it was taken down rather quickly at that.

The best is, that wasn't all, there was another place on the site that the folks over at were able to snag as well. So, for the matter of due dilligence, here's their screenshot that they managed to grab!

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