Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FuryWatch: Last Minute Touches Added as Fury 325's Opening Day Quickly Approaches

There's only 9 days left until Fury 325 opens to the general public, even less time until the Season Passholder and Media Day events. So, what has Carowinds been up to? Well, quite a bit!

First up, the signage for the entrance was seen getting ready to make it's way to the park yesterday. Thanks to Carowinds General Manager, Mark Fehnel, we've got the picture to show ya of just what this looks like in the flesh. Lookin really good there and pretty much dead on from the designs we showed you earlier.

It's impressive and gotta say, even the signage is huge on this thing, which is fitting since it is a truly massive coaster they've got on their hands. If you're gonna go big, might as well go really big, right?

UPDATE: Entry for Fury 325 is installed, and lookin' awesome!

And now for a little video released by Carowinds!

Also, over the weekend, the final details were be put on the lighting package. Lots of aiming and other things were taking place but the results? Amazing, to say the least.

On the way back from our recent trip to Orlando to check out what's been going on with the theme parks down there, +Carrie H.C., +Alexandra F and myself got to pass by Carowinds not once but twice after the darkness of night had fallen. All of us were impressed by not only the distance at which you could see Fury 325, but also by just how bright those lights on the lift hill really are. This is going to be one amazing ride, to say the least.

Well, that's all for now, we're hoping that the entire ISI team will be in attendence for the Fury 325 Media Day so that we can bring you all the latest and our review of Carowind's, and the world's, tallest and fastest giga coaster.

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