Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Green Lantern Deraills at WB Movie World

Image from The Brisbane Times
 Warner Brothers Movie World's 'Green Lantern Roller Coaster' Derails. 

News is still coming in but today is seems that the second train of the 'Green Lantern' roller coaster at Australia's WB Movie World derailed.

There hasn't been an official comment yet on what caused the derailment of the roller coasters second train aside from the comment made by park officials saying "an issue with a wheel" but new reports state that at least 14 people had been trapped on the ride for over an hour while rescue crews worked to safely get them from the ride.

Image from The Brisbane Times
 This is the second reported malfunction which has caused evacuation of the ride since 2015 began. WB Movie World has stated they have kept up with their twice morning maintenance checks but are investigating what has caused this second issue with the ride.  It will remain closed until it's been fully inspected.

 No riders appear to have been injured during this issue with the roller coaster, built by S&S Worldwide.

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