Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lagoon Park's Newest Coaster, Cannibal, Begins Testing!

Okay, this one kind of caught us off guard some and we're definitely late to the party due to being on the road all of last week. Either way, video was captured over the weekend of Lagoon Park's newest coaster, Cannibal (gotta love that name), doing it's first test runs. Now, we're not sure if this is the very first one but it's definitely an early test and by the looks of it, this thing is insane.

Here's a few stats for ya to chew on as you watch. 208ft in height, featuring a 116 degree first drop and reaching speeds of 70mph? Holy crap, that's

Just wow, there's so much going on in there that I'm not sure even where to begin. There is some speculation about the LSM system that the ride has and to what purpose or effect they have on the ride, but until we see a POV or get a first hand account that's a little hard to judge from this distance.

Either way, it looks like Lagoon has a serious contender on their hands for one of the most extreme coasters of 2015 but there's a lot of others out there vying for that title as well. Going to be interesting to see how this all plays out throughout the year and what folks say about it!

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