Friday, August 7, 2015

Dollywood Announces Lightning Rod - World's Fastest and First Launching Wooden Coaster for 2016!

Well, it looks like the folks at Dollywood have announced yet another unique spin on things for the coaster world, this time with the all new Rocky Mountain Construction coaster, Lightning Rod! Not long ago, all the details were released on this all new groundbreaking wooden coaster. Not only will it be the fastest wooden coaster in the world, but also the world's first launched coaster. Yeah, that's a little crazy. Let's let that sink in for a minute.

Okay, ready? Well, before getting into the specifics, here's the announcement trailer for this insane creation that's coming to the park for the 2016 season.

Not a full POV, but there's a ton of things in there to talk about regardless. So, just what can we expect from this $23million dollar monster?

First off is the launch, with 1,500 Horsepower trains will be sent up a 20 story hill at 45mph. Then, the drop comes, plummeting 165ft at 73 degrees and hitting a top speed of 73mph. From here, it's a race to the finish that features 12 airtime moments spread across the 3/4 of a mile long twisting journey through the hills and woods of Dollywood.

That's not all though, here's a few other elements that will be in the ride:
  • 90+ degree banked "Breaking Wave" turn
  • 90+ degree outside banked "Top Hat"
  • Non-inverting Half Loop
  • Quadruple Down
That's a lot to take in on this one! A few elements I definitely haven't heard of and there's some interesting takes on a few classics as well.

Here's a what Dolly Parton had to say about things as well;
“Lightning Rod reminds me so much of those colorful cars cruisin’ up and down Main Street in downtown Sevierville back when I was in high school. I remember all those souped up cars; but what I remember most were those good lookin’ boys behind the wheel with those flat top and ducktail haircuts,” Dolly Parton said.

“Even better, it’s the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, so I think we’re going to see a lot of people coming from all over to peel out on the Lightning Rod.”
Now, wanna see some rendering shots? Sure ya do!

And there ya have it, all the details on a world record coaster coming to Dollywood in 2016. Stay tuned for more details as we'll be following the progress on this one throughout the year and up to opening day!

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