Friday, August 14, 2015

Tragic Death at Cedar Point

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Today's article is regarding the tragic accident that happened yesterday at Cedar Point.  If you haven't heard already, a guest was struck by the Raptor coaster when he entered the restricted area of the ride.  Sadly, due to his injuries the guest passed away.  Thankfully no one on the ride was injured when this occurred.

As you can see in the above photo the fence (if memory serves stands taller than my 5'2" frame) runs around the entire coaster grass creating a safety area for a reason.  The Raptor trains run about 60mph and there is generally two trains running (one loading and one on the track) but it can go up to three.

Once the accident happened CP immediately closed the ride and called authorities. They also posted to their social media pages what had happened.  I give them credit for openly saying what had happened rather then wait for someone else to do it.

From a couple of news sites, the guest (who I will not name out of respect) lost his cell phone on the ride and once he exited he jumped over the fence to retrieve it and was struck.  Now, while I have my opinions, this is the perfect lesson to all amusement/theme park lovers out there.  Your cell phone is NOT worth your life-this is a luxury item that can be replaced, you can not.  What the guest should of done upon realizing that he lost his phone was to alert any park employee who would than alert ride ops who would either hold up the ride for the item to be retrieved or would find the best time to retrieve the item.  Those protective fences are there for a reason!  Any guest can not accurately "time" a ride for safety, depending on weather conditions a coaster train can speed up or slow down along the track.

Please let this be a lesson to all you faithful readers.  Nothing you own is worth your life!  These amusement/theme parks have signs/fences up for your safety-which means they are there for a reason and usually that reason is that you could get injured/die.

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