Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Where we have been and where we are going..

  Hey Folks, Carrie here.
It's time to address a few things, mostly where ISI has been and where we plan to go in the future. However, that is going to take a bit of time so go get yourself a drink!  I'll wait.

...still waiting.


Alright, enough of that!

Now, as some of you may have noticed, ISI hasn't been very active this year. In fact, we've been almost dead as far as some of you may be concerned. That, however, is very far from the truth. I'm alive and still here, the rest of the ISI team? Not so much.

As some may know from following me on social media, Kitsune and I have decided to go our separate ways both in blogging and in real life. We remain friends but don't anticipate working together as much in the future.. that's about it. As for Alex, she'd been busy with her own life and doesn't have the time anymore. So, as you can see, the ISI team has come down to... just me!  I'm still here and I still love you!

...that said, I've also been very busy this year with getting my own life back on track. Living alone and getting my own goals into place has taken up a lot of time, this is also including a new adventure, nursing school.  Yes, I've taken on the most insane thing and decided to become an LPN.

So life has been crazy, busy and a real adventure.

The State of InSanity lurks Inside and the Future-

Yes, we WILL remain a theme park and amusement park blog. New and updates may be slow considering school and clinical schedules but with 2017, I am promising to get back on the ball and more out there. Visits may be fewer and travel might be limited but I will endevor to keep things moving in the proper directions!

Also, there will be more little bits added in. Sometimes about real life, sometimes about travel that may not be park related! While I might not have gotten to many of the parks in 2016 due to both life and finances, I did get to take some new and interesting trips!

I adventured out to Chicago in April with friends from online. Now that was an adventure!

 Also went out to Minnesota to visit friends now that was also an adventure! Also, I  got to prove the work will not, in fact END if I cross the Mississippi river!

As you can see, I'm still here and on the move!
I'm going to start documenting these adventures and travels, which I will be peppering in with Theme Park and Amusement Park News plus some random bits.

I am still here and we're going to begin bringing you all new things in 2017!  InSanity lurks Inside will rise again! 

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