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Not-Breaking-News: Where's Buzzy?

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Guys, Come on.
You're killing me with this stuff. 

Honestly, what rock have fans suddenly been hiding under?  Many of us have known, for 8+ years, what the fate of Buzzy was going to be.

I'm not sure how this has gotten started, or what rumor monger crawled out form a rock to begin with.. but it's finally spurred me back into blogging. Which I admit, I've been bad about lately with just finishing nursing school.

'Carrie- The Nerd' is now here to enlighten you.

Way back in 2012, some of us figured out what was going on with Wonders of Life. We saw the writing on the walls and knew things had gone badly for the once glorious pavilion. However, some part of me still had enough of my 'urban explorer' roots left to ask the questions others don't- What's left?

This lead to a series of amazing conversations with a fellow blogger who's also been quiet recently- Wonders of Life, Eterna.  Another blog with a love for an attraction, one that is often forgotten by the masses.  After multiple conversations, and a mutual love of Buzzy, we began to share information back in those days. Allow me to share the results of my past research into what exact happened with Wonders of Life and today's most important question- Where's Buzzy?

Back in 2010 WDW began to sell off signage and other items from Wonders of Life, a lot of these things began to surface on eBay and various other websites which sell park items to the public (if they know where to look). It's well known these days that the pavilion is unlikely to ever re-open as an attraction, likely to be kept as 'festival space' for the length of it's remaining time.

In 2010- We knew Buzzy was gathering dust. Reports and imagines surfaced on various message boards around the internet. The theater was still intact along with animatronics, including Buzzy. The image you see to the left is from a user on and another explorer who poked around behind the scenes during a festival and reported back the Buzzy was still in place.

2012- This is when the reports began of the theater being covered in hydraulic fluid began. This is also the point when Orange County posted 'selective demolition' for the Wonders of Life Pavilion. You can read more about that from a story I reported which is here. So back then, we knew the writing was on the wall.

2013- We found another report of Buzzy.  Another user reported on that they had seen the theater, as reportedly escorted by a cast member. At this point, we also know Buzzy was still inside the theater and gathering dust, devoid of hydraulic fluid and wasting away.

2017- We find more reports. With the rise of personal cells phones with video, reports became more frequent and troubling.  We find videos on Youtube showing the rusting, dusty hulk of the pavilion just sitting idle. You can also follow the trail of news that construction had begun at Epcot with the promise of the 'Long Due Magical Make-Over'.  It was also during this time we hear that construction was going on at Wonders of Life.

Zoomed in Image from Orlando Rising
Finally, in 2018 the not shocking announcement comes that Wonders of Life will no longer be a festival space at Epcot. As recently as August, imagines surfaced online about the animatronics being removed, if you can read between the lines. Orlando Rising showed those of us who paid attention what was in the wind. It was spelled out for us in fine print.. and a zoomed in image.

This is what happened to Buzzy.  Along with the few other animatronics from the attraction, he was removed between August and December. Buzzy isn't missing, he wasn't stolen.. he was purposely removed by WDW Imagineers.

I'd expect, we'll hear more about this in coming months. If Buzzy doesn't end up sold off by Theme Park Connection, he will likely suffer the exact same fate as our beloved Dreamfinder did- Scrapped.

For the rumors going around. Yes, an urban explorer was arrested. A blogger called Backdoor Disney was arrested last night and his home was searched, the search yielded nothing. As it's well known, Disney (and other theme parks) often arrest people for trespassing. Either way, I doubt it's related.. but people insist on seeing shadows when none exist.

But, let's all use our brains here!
I know, I'm asking for a lot, but stay with me...

How much does an animatonic weigh?  
Simple animatronics weigh several hundred pounds to advanced ones thousand pounds. Buzzy, an obvious 'advanced' version, could easily weigh (with chair) thousands of pounds.
How to remove it?  
To begin with, Buzzy was a suspended animatonic. You would need some way to climb up, a way to cut the supports, a way to lower it, a way to lift it, a way to move it once it's been lifted and finally, a way to transport it.  So you'd need (most likely): A cutting torch, a ladder, a forklift, a crane or pully system and a reinforced transport vehicle.
Is it possible?
Normally, I'd say anything is possible.. but this is Disney. Do you really think someone could walk in, steal a several thousand pound piece and walk back out? The driving entrances to the parks at highly monitored and regulated. Not everyone can park right behind Epcot. Even if someone had cast-member access, let's just say they are watched more closely than the tourists are.

Buzzy wasn't stolen. As you can see, in August, the animatronics were labelled for removal. We're now playing a ridiculously large game of 'telephone' about it. In the end, Disney won't admit anything anyway.

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