Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Universal Orlando- Changes coming to Wizarding World

Image from Behind The Thrills
Changing coming to Islands of Adventure and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Not saying I'm surprised, but I am sad.

On Monday, Universal Orlando Resort announced that 'Dragon Challenge' or 'Dueling Dragons' would be closing on September 4th to make way for an 'all new attraction within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter'.

We knew it was coming. It's been coming since Universal made the call to no longer have this amazing B&M roller coaster 'duel' as it was intended. Many believe this voided the agreement with the coaster builders which would lead to long-term problems with the ride, as well as other issues with a computer system running it that was never designed to function in. It was a death blow and it was all just a matter of time.

All because people just can't listen to the simple phrase of 'No Loose Objects'. So in September, we're loosing another amazing coaster due to the humans ability to mess things up for everyone.

This leaves a very large question- What is Universal Orlando putting in this rather large footprint?

Universal has given us a few clues-
Image from Universal Orlando

While this isn't a full announcement, we know that Universal WILL be building another coaster in the place of Dragon Challenge. Something with heavy theming which will also be a key part of the Wizarding World.

Stay Tuned- We'll be following this one closely!

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