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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge- What we know.. and what we guess.

 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: What we know.. and what we guess!

This is pretty much the news I've wanted my entire life, a land completely devoted to Star Wars. It's like my childhood dream came true, so while I haven't had time to sit down and really put together a comprehensive post about it.. I have been following the news rather closely. So now it's time to sit down and really put together a list of things- What we know and what we're guessing on. Which is still a LOT of speculation sprinkled in with what Disney has released so far.

 Planet Batuu and Black Spire Outpost.

This is the 'setting' which Galaxy's Edge will be based around. According to Disney, it will be a rouge trader port on the edge of the galactic frontier. Bordering the Outer Rim and Wild Space. It's the last stop full of creature and notorious characters.
The outpost its-self is settled around a petrified forest, in a river valley which is where the outpost is located.  It seems, Disney is going with a familiar theme from the heart of Star Wars here. That of Mos Eisley Spaceport on Tatooine, just set in a new location.

What about the Star Wars Timeline?

With the Star Wars Timeline is a bit of an uproar due to the Disney takeover from Lucasfilm and many things being cut from the previously accepted 'canonverse' it's certian that the setting for this expansion is sometime during the newest movies. Making it on par with the First Order being in power, rather than the setting being from a previous portion of the Star Wars universe. By doing this, Disney can update easily and toss out more movie tie-in's for whatever happens past the current saga (meaning movies 7, 8 and 9).

Opening Date
'Fall of 2019'

 However, knowing Disney- We can make some educated guesses!
'Fall of 2019' generally means September but allows them the option to push the time back as late as needed in case of delays. Although if we follow how Disney opened their last few major expansions, we can expect to see a soft-open as early as late August and an official 'Grand Opening' sometime in November or December. That does leave the problem of a possible 'staggered opening' which means while construction is done, the area is 'open' some aspects may not yet be operational.
The simple fact is this: We don't know... yet.

What about the rides?!
Galaxy's Edge will feature two attractions (or 'rides' if you prefer). The one we know the most about is the attraction featuring the Millennium Falcon. The working title for the attraction is 'Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run'  which Disney has promised guests the controls of the Falcon for an action-packed 'secret mission' and a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.  The second attraction is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which will be a dark ride on a trackless ride system. This will include some form of a rescue and another portion which will involve the landing bay of a Star Destroyer, beyond this, not much is known.

Smugglers Run

From what can be pieced together, this will be an interactive simulator that will seat six people per cabin. Much like 'Mission: Space' at Epcot, it's almost certain that each person will be in control of some aspect of the Falcon which will interact with the simulation. Likely this will have no real effect on your 'mission' if it's anything like 'Mission: Space' since the effects will work regardless of pushing buttons or not, However, Disney has promised an interactive incentive to play along with the controls of your very own Falcon. Supposedly how well you do during the ride will give you a 'reputation' which will follow your around your visit to Galaxy's Edge and Black Spire Outpost.
 As for time, this is the more confusing angle of things. If you run the numbers multiple times (which we did) in order to hit the magic number of 1080 we have a breakdown of how the ride with operate. 6 riders per car, with 12 total ride vehicles with a 4 minutes ride.. you have your numbers.

(This still leaves the question of 'How are you going to put 12 ride cars with room to maneuver into that building' but we'll touch on that in another post!)

Rise of the Resistance 

This second attraction coming to Galaxy's Edge is more along the lines of traditional Disney. This is a classic style dark-ride which features a trackless ride system, very similar to the new Ratatouille attraction going into Epcot (Also similar to Mystic Manor in Tokyo Disneyland, SpiderMan and Transformers at Universal Orlando).
While few details are still known about what ride elements or features will be included, speculation includes that it will be a single floor attraction while other groups believe that it will incorporate 3D elements as well as special effects.  We have rough details that a First Order fleet will be involved with a battle between the Resistance and the First Order with most of the show taking place in the likely setting of a Star Destroyer.

Oga's Cantina

Oga's Cantina is easily a huge draw, because who didn't want to visit the cantina scene in Episode 4? No one. The answer is NO ONE. 

So Disney is providing our very own chance to visit a shady place to make deals, hosted by Oga Garra. A full-blown, (but family friendly) bar will allow both adults and kids to 'belly up' and pick a drink of their choice from a themed menu. It also promises to have a 'colorful cast of characters' which leaves you wondering if Disney plans to plant in actors for local 'color'.  Along with this, fans of the original Star Tours will be thrilled (I am) to see that entertainment is provided by RX-24 (Rex). Who they promise will provide both chatter and tunes to waiting customers. 

...because who isn't going to spend a fortune? 
While Disney hasn't announced a set name for the shopping haven which will inundate the area, it's not hard to guess multiple 'shops' will be present and themed for the area. Rumors run the gauntlet of 'haggling traders in street-lined stalls' to a 'Star Wars Emporium'.  Frankly, I think we'll see a more typical pattern for Disney where exit lines will empty into stores as well as more 'themed' locations for Black Spire Outpost. 

Even people on the edge of Wild Space need to eat!
So this is bound to happen. While nothing has been said from official channels, the rumor mill is always ripe with guesses. Some of them are as wild as a full sit-down, reservations only dining option to the other corner who states 'it won't have anyplace to eat'.  Personally,  I expect to see something very similar with what Disney did with Cars Lands in California. If we use that model, we'll see one 'counter service' restaurant with themed (but familiar) food choices, much like Flo's V-8 Cafe. For quick service and snacks, likely several other spots where one can grab something for 'on the go' food options. 

So that wraps up what we know, my personal guesses and what we can glean from the wordy-but-lacking-information announcements from Disney. Announcements are still being made rather often and as construction slowly nears completion, I expect we'll see more detailed information dropping from Disney in regards to Galaxy's Edge.  More updates will follow as information becomes available to us, stay tuned! 

A quick summery:
2 Big Ticket Attractions/Rides
1 Cantina/Bar
(?) Shopping/Food

(All images are from Disney Parks)

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