Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cedar Point: New Area, Restaurants, and Festival

Greetings readers!!!!

So today I bring news out of Cedar Point with updates on dining and a festival plan.  I have made a nice little outline for everyone to read; it was actually how I wrote it up and it just makes sense to write it up that way.

So I'll start with the new area:

I grabbed this from Cedar Point's website

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island

  • Replacing Dinosaurs Alive
  • Entrance is through former Shoot the Rapids station
  • Unlock puzzles and physical challenges
  • Interact with characters
  • Multiple different endings depending on what secrets are discovered
Honestly it sounds like an outdoor escape room to me with the puzzles and challenges and secrets.  Usually things like this don't interest me, but I might give this shot considering there are multiple endings and ways to figure things out.

Next up is the two new restaurants:

Cropped from Cedar Point website

  • Located at the previous site of the Witches Wheel; near the Magnum XL-200 park entrance.
  • Smokehouse Barbecue
  • Live Music
  • Outdoor Dining Space
  • All food is made from scratch
  • Will have 2 or 3 smokers for meat
Carrie is excited for this since she LOVES barbecue while I'm okay with it.  Not a huge fan, but that's mostly because I don't like messy food (I'm weird like that).  Although if majority wins we'll absolutely try it out.

Cropped from Cedar Point website

Hugo's Italian Kitchen
  • Replacing Midway Market
  • Traditional Italian fare and desserts
  • Located next to Raptor
  • Gas-grilled and Open flamed brick pizza oven
  • Hand made pasta
Since Carrie and I are both Italian this one sounds pretty awesome although I was a fan of the Midway Market and am sad to see it go, but it's nice that CP is updating it's dining options.  Also, both of these restaurants will be on Cedar Point's Dining Plan.

Finally the festival:

Cropped from Cedar Point website

Frontier Festival
  • Brew & BBQ will be incorporated into this new festival
  • Old west type street festival
  • Featuring local artisans
  • Will have kid's crafts and games
  • Continuous live entertainment
  • Food and drink outside of the Brew & BBQ food
  • Extra fee for food and drink cards
  • Open daily on June 7th to 30th from 4pm to 10pm
We are SUPER excited about this because Carrie and I killed the food and different drinks last year and greatly enjoyed the Brew & BBQ fest that we're both excited to see how Cedar Point is going to update this.

I'm honestly glad to see Cedar Point updating and trying new things because I feel like for the last couple of years they seem to have been riding on their name and being the "Roller Coast" blah blah blah.  Since we are a whole 3 hours away from Sandusky everyone can rest assured that ISI will be checking it again this year.

Best wishes ISI readers!!  

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