Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Steel Curtain Update 2/26/19

Hello my peeps!!!

Scratch that, I should never say that again.

I hope that this month has been kind to every single one of you because it's been pretty nice to us here at ISI.  I've got an update for everyone on Kennywood's Steel Curtain; it looks like construction is going at a nice rate over in Homestead/West Mifflin area.  I've pulled some photos from Kennywood's facebook page for everyone to view.

As you can see the building is coming along nicely; especially considering the weird ass weather we've been having here in Pittsburgh these last couple of weeks.  There are just about 10 weeks until Kennywood's opening day on May 4, 2019 for the general public and based on statements made on their Facebook page Steel Curtain is still expected to be under construction.  As much as all those twists and turns are going to screw with my stomach I am still excited to ride this. 

My favorite picture is the long one which was taken from the top of the Racer, but I am bias since the Racer is my favorite coaster in Kennywood.  Hopefully one or two of these pictures is a favorite for you lovely readers out there.

That's my small update for today folks and as more pictures come around I'll be sure to make up another update.

Have a wonderful night readers!!

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