Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hershey Park- New Trademark for 2020 Coaster

Hershey Park has filed a new trademark in relation to the 2020 expansion, Chocolatetown. 

Hershey Park is expanding once again for 2020. With this comes an entirely new area called 'Chocolatetown' and a new roller coaster is in the works.

Image from RCDB
This expansion is one of the largest in the parks history which included a new entrance plaza, 'Hershey' store, a 'Hershey Kiss' fountain, a new kettle-corn stand, ice cream shop, the relocation of the classic carousel. the largest restaurant in the park (full patio and bar included!)... and a brand new, B&M hyper-style coaster.

The new trademark is listed as 'Candymonium' as the 'nature of a roller coaster'. While this many not end up being the coasters final name, we've got something new to work with. As many expect, a few more trademarks will likely follow as the park decides which will be the final, working name of this newest attraction. The additional of 'Chocolatetown' looks to completely re-work the opening portion of the park in a big way, we can't wait to see what happens!

More news and photos as information becomes available, as always!

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