Monday, May 13, 2019

Kings Island- Project X for 2020.

 Kings Island- Project X for 2020. 

 We reported on this last week but more information has become available and we've got more conformation that we're going to get a giga-coaster!

Image from WCPO 
 Four days ago, WCPO in Cincinnati got hold of some blueprints regarding the foundations for what is being called 'Project X' at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.

The blueprints were filed and approved on April 24th, 2019 by the Mason Building Department, which gives the park the green-light to begin building the new attraction for next season.  While these blueprints don't state 'roller coaster' and simply show as 'ride' there are lots of clues included. While the news station doesn't give us a full view of the blueprints, they do show that this new 'ride' requires foundations, footings and steel needed for construction.

The station went so far as to get an expert's advice, Dennis Speigel, from International Theme Park Services. Mr. Speigel also helped design Kings Island in 1971.

After looking at the blueprints, Mr. Speigel even replied 'This is a giga-coaster'.

Image from WCPO
And the article continues on but we've got the information we needed. The rest is pure speculation as it doesn't appear to contain additional information at this time.

 The information which we do have, clearly supports the rumor of a new coaster coming to Kings Island.  While a manufacturer isn't listed yet, the rumor mill is heavily in favor of a B&M (Bolliger &Mabillard) while others are leaning more towards an Intamin building the new ride.

While the park won't comment on speculation, we're fully able to read between the lines!

To read the article for yourself, please visit the WCPO website.

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