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Haunt Review- Castle Blood, Death Becomes You.

Haunt Review- Castle Blood, Death Becomes You. 

 As an admitted fan of Castle Blood, when Gravely told me they had a show unlike anything before, that would 'really be a challenge' I should have listened to the wise caretaker. By now, you'd think, I'd know better.. yet I had doubts.

I don't anymore.

 As always with Castle Blood, in writing this, there won't be much detail. In fact, there will be very little information regarding the show because small details will give away the game.

Now, to the review!

One lovely new addition, the outdoor hosts are giving out the history of the location. Which, if you've never been before, is in a historic building- One of the oldest in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Rather rich in 'bloody' history, that I won't give away, but the location boasts enough death to be haunted its-self. Lending some toe-curling ideas into your mind before you've even stepped foot into the haunt.

The newest show by Castle Blood is called 'Death Becomes You' and features many fun and interesting ways to die.

For YOU to die, that is.

 As always, Castle Blood is not just a haunted house, it's an interactive game you play with the cast members while touring the castle. We like to say 'think of playing a game of Clue with the Addams Family and the Munters' to explain it to people who've never experienced an interactive show such as this.

 Everyone in your group is given some tokens and asked to 'survive' your way though the castle. This includes taking different challenges which will, naturally, cost tokens. If you win, you escape with your token. If you don't? Well, your one down and things continue to get harder as you progress though the winding maze in this old, historic building.

 This season Castle Blood has outdone themselves. The puzzles are not as easy as they may appear at first. The challenges more interactive than ever before and really do require your group to actually (attempt) to work together. You may encounter a witch, a gypsy, a mad scientist, vampires and a dozen other denizens of the castle- and every one of them has a puzzle for you to solve.

 So when Gravely told me it's a show that will make me want to start writing haunt reviews again?

...he was right.

 While we may have missed a few seasons in the past, what I can say is Castle Blood has one-upped their own game and I can't personally wait to see what next season has to offer! If you have the time, the will and the wits to play- You've got two days left! Get yourself down to Castle Blood and see if you can escape death.

While your at it, make sure you stop and take a peek into the 'Eek and Boo' shop at the end. Boasting castle swag plus some new and fun creations, many made by castle denizens, that are available for purchase this season.

...and don't forget to tell Boris and Bram that Carrie sent you! I'm a bit behind on my 'offerings' lately.

Castle Blood
100 Schoonmaker Ave 
Monessen, PA 15062 

Website:  Castle Blood
Facebook:  Castle Blood Haunted House

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