Saturday, October 19, 2019

InSanity Gets The Groove Back

...or we can call it 'Remembering how I loved the Haunts'. 

Let's face it, things around here have been non-existent. No updates, no news, no headlines- nothing. Not that 'nothing' has happened, it has, it just haven't been reported here. That is entirely my fault, I haven't able to bring myself to actually report or even write anything proper in months. I've been out of the loop, I haven't even been wanting to really READ the park news, the construction news. Nothing, no interested but suddenly, that changed. 

It changed tonight. 

Imagine it, there I was, laying in bed and attempting to doze off hours ahead of my normal 'bedtime'. Two melatonin in and a nature documentary quietly babbling away on the television, a good 'sleep' setting for me.  Eyes closed, half asleep and then all of a sudden.. my sleepy brain begins to write copy. Not just any old type of 'copy' either, no. My brain begins to slowly remember format and detail, I'm writing a haunt review half asleep! 

Imagine my surprise once I realized what was happening? 

Holy. Shit. 
I want to WRITE something! 

For anyone keeping track, it's been 6 months since I've actually wanted to write anything. That was the point when my father got very sick. 2 months since I lost my father to congestive heart failure and my will to blog completely. 

It's been a shit-tastic 6 months, folks. Not going to lie. I lost my first partner in crime, the person who taught me to enjoy theme parks and roller coasters. The person who could push my buttons and piss me off like no one else. A huge part of my life and a little piece of my soul.  It fucking sucked. It still fucking sucks. 

But you know what? He was always the first person to ask me if I liked something and why. To ask if I had fun, ask what I enjoyed most. Long before this blog was ever even a consideration. So yes, I'm going to get myself back to that, because I've remembered- I enjoy this. People enjoy this. 

What made this sudden realization?  

A Haunted House. 

Yes, a haunted house. Something I've always enjoyed. A safe-haven, as safe as theme parks for me. A place I've worked, something I understand. A familiar path I can walk in the dark as easily as I can navigate my own apartment half-asleep in the dark. I KNOW THIS. This is familiar, a beacon that woke me up out of ennui and depression where this blog is concerned. So much news has happened, so many new things and I've watched it with a bare, passive interest. I've wanted to blog, wanted that spark of desire to return. But it's been missing, until now. 

I. Know. This. 

Laying in bed, mentally writing a review. Considering the experience- What would I rate it? What would I change or suggest? What did I love? What did I hate? Would I recommend this place?

It was all there, laid out before me like a feast for a staving man. A pattern. A pathway out of the gloom. I'd finally found it. 

The kitties where displaced, I left the warmth of the bed and a cuddling fiance to pour a glass of wine then began typing when I realized- I should explain this. Explain what suddenly woke me up to everything, because someone else might need that exact same kick. They may even, one day, find this post. 

So here it is, written plan, my great epiphany... it was hidden in a haunted house all along.  

Now, that isn't to say bad days and weeks won't exist. I'm sure there will be days and weeks when desire to write even a word abandons me, where I loose that spark but I'm hoping those will pass quickly. Just as quickly as this realization hit. 

Let's do this thing. Let's get back in the lane, floor the gas petal and blast the music. 
....and maybe enjoy a haunted house, roller coaster and glass of wine along the way. 

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